Wildlife Value of trees

Number of plant eating insects and mites associated with woodland trees in Britain

Based on List compiled by Kennedy & Southwood in 1984

This table shows that the more insects and mites on the tree the more wildlife it will support due to the increased food source for birds, such as woodpeckers for example. The more wildlife your woodland can support the higher its value for wildlife, as well as education, enjoyment and amenity.

Tree specie Number of insects/mites Tree specie Number of insects/mites
Willow 450 Ash 68
Oak 423 Rowan 58
Birch 334 Lime 57
Hawthorn 209 Field maple 51
Poplar & Aspen 189 Hornbeam 51
Scots pine 172 Sycamore 43
Blackthorn 153 Juniper 32
Alder 141 Sweet chestnut 11
Elm 124 Holly 10
Crab apple 118 Horse chestnut 9
Hazel 106 Yew 6
Beech 98 Norway spruce 70