Habitat Creation | Window boxes & Container gardening



You may be overwhelmed with the choices of plants at garden nurseries that are suitable for window boxes. However, purchasing plants is expensive, its more satisfying growing from seed so here's the method you'll need:

  1. Put seeds into small pots of compost, put in a plastic bag and germinate indoors
  2. Grow them on a sunny window until they are big enough to plant out in containers

Large seeded annuals such as pot marigold, sunflower, and nasturtium are the easiest to grow. Other species include cornflowers, godetia, poppy, Virginian stock, candytuft, corncockle, love in a mist and poached egg plant. For spring flowers, plant daffodils, tulips, primroses, and pansies in autumn.Growing these plants from seeds requires daily care, light, and warmth. If you don't have the facilities, its best to buy them as bedding plants and plant them into your boxes for instant colour and wildlife appeal. Geraniums, busy lizzies and petunias are the best.

With suitable containers, good composts, feeding and care almost any type of plant can be grown in a container, including vegetables, herbs, fruit, shrubs, climbers and small trees. Gardening is great therapy for many people of all ages, and is usually the first contact with young people and the natural environment. Container gardening brings it within the reach of those without a sizeable plot of land.