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Soil type, size of the tree and time of year all determine the species of tree that you will plant. If you are planting native trees then it is important to ensure that they are of local provenance that it that they have been grown in similar conditions. If this is not possible to ensure that they have come from the North of where you are planting. This helps with the hardiness and it is more likely to survive.

Young trees have many advantages over larger trees, they establish quickly and in a few seasons overtake trees which were planted as standards. Planted standards have less vigorous root  systems as they are often supported by stakes. Small trees need less watering and are also less prone to vandalism.

You will find either bare root or pot grown plants sold in tree nurseries. Pot grown plants allow planting at any time of the year, and are usually more expensive than bare root plants.

Soil type

Brown earth, podzol soil, calcareous soil, and organic soil are all chemically different, therefore can be antagonistic if a tree is planted in the wrong soil type. Check the requirements of each tree before planting.

Size of tree

If you are planting in an urban location then a standard tree (1.7 to 1.8 metres) may be more appropriate, whilst if you are creating a large area of woodland or a length of hedge then the whip (4.5 to 9.0 cm) is more likely to be your choice.

When to plant

November & December are the best months to plant, but any time up to April is possible provided that the tree is still dormant (i.e. no buds present). Do notplant if the ground id frozen or waterlogged.

Care of tree prior to planting

Ensure that the roots are not exposed when transporting the tree as this will dry them out. If you are not ready to plant the trees in their final position then they can be "heeled in" in bundles. To "heel in" dig a trench and place the bundles of trees in, then cover with soil and firm around the roots.

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