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tree planting Methods

Pit planting

  1. Prune off any dead or damaged or unhealthy branches 
  2. Dig a hole large enough for the roots to spread out.
  3. Place the soil next to the hole in one place
  4. If a cane is needed for the plants support, put it in the pit now.
  5. Lower the tree into the pit to root collar depth (identified as the original soil height on the trees stem).
  6. Back fill with soil, allowing soil to settle between the roots. Continue to fill until the tree feels stable.
  7. Check that the highest part of the soil is around the stem, otherwise water can collect and rot the tree.

Notch Planting

  1. Cut an "L" or "H" shaped slit in the ground using a spade at least 15cm deep. 
  2. Lever up the turf to form a notch
  3. Insert the tree into the notch carefully ensuring the roots are not cramped, or upturned. Make sure the tree is planted up to the depth of the root collar.

Planting distance

The planting distance for whips is about 2.5 to 3m. This is recommended by the Forestry commission, in woodlands or parks.

Planting layout

The final result should be considered. Planting in rows assists in the management of the site, however care should be taken so that it does not look to regimented. A good idea is to have edges of the woodland can be irregular and planted with quick growing shrub species such as hazel and hawthorn to provide shelter and soil stability in the early stage of establishment.

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