habitat creation | seed collection

table showing collection times of native seeds, and their Stratification times

Species Collection time Storage / Stratification Notes
Ash August / January For 16 - 18 months Aug. if for immediate sowing. October for stratification
Beech September/November 6 months Check seeds are fertile
Buckthorn October 6 months Pick fully ripe berries
Cherry July / August 4 months Can be sown immediately
Chestnut (sweet & horse) October 6 months Non - Native to UK !
Hawthorn September / November 18 months Pick fully ripe berries
Hazel October 3 months Check nuts are healthy
Holly November / February 16 months Pick fully ripe berries
Maple, field October / January 6 months Pick when seeds are brown
Oak September / November See method 4 Check nuts are healthy
Rowan July / September 6 months Pick fully ripe berries
Scots pine November / February See method 2 Collect cones before they open
Spindle September / November 6 months Pick fully ripe berries
Yew September / November 16 months CARE - The seed is poisonous

Note: Sycamore has not been included as it is of limited wildlife value and is sometimes even regarded as a weed where it has invaded woodlands and ousted other native species. It is suggested that tree nursery programmes give preference to more important species.