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Heathland Value

The wildlife value of lowland is internationally recognised and heathlands are protected under European law. In addition many of Berkshire's heathland plants and animals are protected under Britain's Wildlife and Countryside act 1981.

It is not just the wildlife that is special, they have great landscape, historical, educational and recreational value too. Heathland sites are relict landscapes which can inspire a feeling of wilderness so rare in Britain today and they make excellent places for us to visit, walk in and explore.

Greenham Common converted back into it former glory!
The areas cultural history, recent military occupation and the peace campaign make it an important part of the nation's heritage. The Commons are the largest single block of lowland heath in Berkshire and the Council's 1,200 acre site offers an outstanding opportunity for local people to enjoy a vast open area

In 1997 through a partnership of the Greenham Community Trust and the then Newbury District Council (new West Berkshire Council) the open area of the former Greenham airbase was acquired for public use and enjoyment. This area, owned by the Council, is part of Greenham and Crookham Commons and is a nationally important Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) containing rare and fragile heathland habitat. For further information