Habitat Creation | Grasslands

Method for Seeding

  1. Simply scattering seed onto an existing grass sward will have no effect, as the grass sward will be too dense to allow germination and establishment. Gaps must be made first in the grass sward, by removing turfs of at least 1m square.
  2. Fill the patch with sandy sub-soil, seed free (sterile) top soil, or crushed concrete, this can be used to replace the turfs. Or put the turf to one side, remove a good layer of top and sub-soil, then upturn the turf and place it in the bottom of the patch. Then put in the top soil, then the sub soil as the top layer. So the sub soil which is the least fertile and contains least weeds ends up on the surface.
  3. Vary the size and shape of the patches in randomly arranged manner to avoid the chess board effect.

Diagrams for direct seeding onto grassland

  1. Horizon profile of typical grassland soil
  2. horizon profile of typical grassland soil
  3. Soil horizon after preparation
  4. soil horizon after preparation

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