frequently asked questions

here you will find all the answers to you questions about wildlife conservation

  1. Why conserve wildlife?
  2. Why do we need trees?
  3. What is the most valuable species to conserve?
  4. Why is our landscape like it is today ?
  5. Why do we need to look after nature ?
  6. How can I get involved in conservation work?
  7. What is Biodiversity and a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) ?

What is the most valuable species to conserve?

This is a tricky question. There is no one thing to conserve, there are many! Different environmental groups will have their own opinions on what to conserve, such as rare or endangered birds, flowers or habitats. For example, habitats are ecosystems, a woodland is a habitat that supports birds and flowers, so if there is no woodland the other two cannot exist. So this may be the most important one to conserve, but if no birds are present seeds cannot be dispersed and flowers pollinated - all these factors may affect species at different levels as part of the dynamics of a ecosystem. Most conflicts of interest can be resolved by identifying the priorities of an area or species.