community involvement in wildlife conservation

Environmental Training

Training is usually done by volunteering with a conservation group. This way you can learn about habitat management, get practical skills, health and safety issues, learn knowledge from the leader or ranger and get valuable experience if you want a career in the Environment - a requisite environmental employers always look for. You may find that your local council ranger service manages the reserve and take on volunteer rangers to help out with Nature Reserve site management, they may be able to offer you training as well. Contact your local council for details and opportunities.

Nature Reserves are ideal places to learn about and study wildlife. If you are a teacher or run youth groups or summer activity programmes, for example, you should find out what your local Nature Reserve can offer you.  To find out if there are Nature Reserves in your area and who manages them you should contact your local council (for example the Countryside Section or Leisure Services Department).

organisations like your local Wildlife Trust or local English Nature office may also be able to help. 

If you want to attend Environmental courses, the Environmental Trainers Network offers a wide range of topics for you. Project management, working with communities, rural issues, fundraising, and risk assessments to name but a few.

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