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all you need to know about the wildlife is your local environment.

badger in berkshire

learn about wildlife gardening and how to improve your local area with our habitat improvement guides. discover how wildlife, like birds, invertebrates and amphibians can be encouraged to thrive in your area.

find out what the berkshire local biodiversity action plan is, and how you can help. what type of habitat - woodland, wetland or heathland has been most under pressure from industry and development. "Wildlife conservation is a key component of sustainable development", says Janette Ward, from English Nature.

volunteer for a conservation group, and visit the many nature reserves near you. both are fantastic ways to discover the rich wildlife in berkshire. here you can learn practical conservation skills, without any previous experience.

fungi in berkshire

there are many ideas here which have been designed to motivate people into doing your bit for the environment. if you have thought about helping the environment, start today, you can do these activities as an individual or as part of a group

this site especially appeals to all newcomers to conservation, with easy to follow practical ways to attract wildlife to your doorstep. it will make you appreciate the wildlife that live in the varied types of UK habitats.

why conserve wildlife? why does we need trees? The aim of conservation management is to maintain a wide variety of appropriate habitats and species and to ensure that natural habitats continue to survive. if you have any other questions about wildlife in berkshire you have seen, you can contact us here.

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